KBC Terms & Conditions

Specific terms and conditions (T&Cs) for KBC www.kbcwinnerlist.com may apply depending on whether you are interested in:

  • Participating as a Contestant: These T&Cs outline the eligibility requirements, application process, rules regarding gameplay and lifelines, and prize distribution.
  • General Viewer Participation (Online Contests, etc.): These T&Cs may cover things like eligibility to enter online quizzes or polls, data privacy policies, and prize details.

Here are some resources to help you find the relevant T&Cs:

  1. For contestant participation: Look for official announcements from Sony Entertainment Television (SET). These can be found on their website (https://www.kbcwinnerlist.com/) or social media channels. The T&Cs are usually released when applications for a new season open. 
  2. For viewer participation: If you're participating in an online quiz or contest related to KBC, the T&Cs will likely be displayed alongside the contest details. 
Alternatively, here are some resources with past season's T&Cs that give you a general idea:

Keep in mind: These are for past seasons and might not reflect the exact T&Cs for future seasons or viewer participation. 

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