KBC Mobile Number Lucky Draw 2020 & KBC Lottery Winner Customer List

KBC Mobile Number Lucky Draw 2020 & KBC Lottery Winner Customer List


KBC Mobile Number Lucky Draw 2020 All India WhatsApp & IMO

On this website, you can check the KBC Lucky Draw Winner mobile number and also Check the lottery winner Lucky Customer made in Jio KBC 2020. The KBC Lucky Draw has become a day-long consultation all over India for a number of reasons. This game is about a show that has made a name for itself in a short time. There is a scale of prizes in this game show, people enjoy it and there is a lot to talk about.

The special thing about this game show is that everyone here has an equal chance to win prizes. Find out how you can become a KBC Lottery winner this season. Keeping in mind the principle of openness, you have to play the KBC Winner safely and avoid the KBC Lottery Fake Callers. On this website, you will also find the latest list of KBC Winners, call the KBC Head Office for this.

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Customers are getting fake lottery calls on WhatsApp & IMO

There are a lot of complaints about the lottery in KBC these days. Today, fictitious people are targeting innocent people in this way, In this way, they are fooling people very quickly. They call or SMS on WhatsApp and Amu and says that there is a lottery in your very lucky draw. Most say the lottery of twenty-five lakhs or thirty-five lakhs. If there is any such Lucky Draw in KBC, you will be called by the KBC head office.

KBC does not demand any amount in the form of any fee, In case of any such problem you can call the head office at the same time to get the right information. The KBC Helpline is daily open 24 hours for you.

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